Saturday, October 28, 2006

In the Dark

Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know that the first batch of copies of In the Dark: Stories From the Supernatural has arrived and they look wonderful!

The anthology features, along with pieces from many other fantastic writers, an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Victor. Many of you at the NōD Magazine launch expressed interest in the book so here's how to get your hands on a copy:

1) You can order copies directly from me - they are $21.95 (trade paperback) plus $3.00 shipping, tax included. Yes, I will sign them, if requested.

2) You can order from the publisher, Tightrope Books or check out the list of Toronto booksellers currently carrying their titles here. This means tax but may be more convenient for those of you in the GMT area.

3) Copies of the book may also be purchased at The publishers don't make a lot of money this way but use whatever method of purchase is most convenient for you.

Feel free to spread the word to whomever you think would be interested in getting a copy of the book and I hope to hear back from lots and lots of you!

PS...Jason Christie's book of poetry, I Robot, has just been launched by Edge Books. It may be the best book of poetry you read this year. I highly recommend getting a copy.

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