Sunday, April 30, 2006

The NoD Launch, issue 3

Just a quick blog and pics:

Thursday April 27/06 was the launch of NoD mag, issue 3: my final launch as managing editor. Thought I'd throw some pics up from the event (which kicked supreme levels of ass, by the way).

The fractal economies of derek b and his rapidly multiplying Calgary Three: Angela Rawlings, ryan fitzpatrick, Chris Ewart with Paul Kennett and Sandy Lam.

James Dangerous, reading his translation
of the Kolophaan poet Agaanagastas Karokasa.

The incomparably sexy Jason Christie, launching Canada Post in style.

Angela Rawlings performs from Wide Slumber for a Lepidopterist with special guest Jill Hartman.

Fat pop-rock from The Russian Artist Factory.

Lest We Forget: Jon-Paul Fiorentino lets us know that lusting hair is just a state of mind in his Theory of the Loser Class.

Unfortunately I didn't get pics from the first round of readers but special thanks goes out to Judy Mc Connell, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Tasnuva Zaman, and David Waddel.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some pics from the Alter Ego Cab

This is from the cabaret in January: a couple of pics for those who were there and those who weren't. In case you couldn't guess: my alter ego is a hoser from southern Manitoba. I know this comes as a shock to many people.