Monday, December 17, 2012

Canadian micro-press study approved for takeoff!

Micro-press Survey Recruitment Statement

As some may know, I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of English, at the University of Calgary. My doctoral research focuses on the impact had in Canadian poetry by chapbook and micro-presses and, in pursuit of measurable data regarding the publication of ephemeral poetic works, I am currently seeking the publishers of such works to take some time to fill out a survey on their publications.

In the project, I define micro-press as any press that typically prints runs of 100 copies of a work or fewer, that uses human, rather than predominantly automated or digital labour in production and printing of works (thus, not digital presses and so forth), and that does not assign ISBN numbers to publications. While there is no direct compensation for filling out the survey, this research may go a long way towards furthering awareness of the publications involved, while also contributing to a deeper body of knowledge regarding ephemeral publishing in Canada.

Participation in the research is voluntary and, if desired, can be kept anonymous. If you would like to know more about the research or would like to receive a copy of the survey to complete, please contact me at If you are not involved in such a press but know someone who is, please circulate this call for responders to that person (or those persons, if that be the case) and invite them to contact me regarding the survey.