Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For Roy Everett Martin

i wrote this poem for my grandfather during the spring. he died today. i hope, for his sake, that he sees grandma in heaven. i don't believe he will but she was always worth seeing.

there are two versions...


my grandpa’s watch stopped years ago

new batteries startled it into motion

but when it recalled the time it said nono

that’s all wrong

the watch changed dates

accorded a martial keeping,

awakened me at strange moments,

bit the hairs from my arm

with jumpy little twitchings

we synchronized our complaints

and proceeded

with our mission


my Grandfather’s watch

stopped years ago

new batteries startled

into motion but when it

recollected the time said

nono. that’s all wrong

the time is wrong

the watch changes dates

reminisces about the war

and awakens me at

strange moments to insist


its bracelet pinches and bites

the hairs from my arms

makes its complaints

my own, over time

i always vow to wear the watch

when i visit

so sometimes i just wear it

around the house and stuff

god bless you, grandpa. rest in peace.