Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poverty Gap

Interesting: though I wish Canadian statistics were included in the article. If you want to look further, the OECD's website is here.

Of further interest is this article.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

lego lesson #7

this little brick laid foundation,

this little brick built a home.

this little brick's a two-car garage,

this little brick erected Rome.

and this little brick...

stopped the hole,
silencing their cries.

Filling Station Volunteers (Calgary)

Filling Station Magazine is a locally created, nationally-distributed literary and arts magazine. Filling Station has no specific mandate for content, but we like to bring cutting-edge, risk-taking, and breathtaking work to adventurous readers. We're looking to expand our horizons and invite new members of the community to join us in creating Filling Station.

Visual Editor

Filling Station is on the lookout for a new Visual Editor for 2009. The Visual Editor would be responsible for compiling a section including cutting-edge visual art and write ups about the same. We are especially interested in a candidate who is a member of the visual arts community, can write with confidence about visual art, and who is not afraid to approach artists about the magazine. Those interested in becoming Visual Editor for Filling Station would be invited to our annual AGM in early 2009, when members vote on new editorial candidates.

Audio Editor

With the right editor on board, a new Audio Section could be created to review CDs that are literary in nature (spoken word or poetry), that have band members with ties to the publishing lit community, or that are literary in some way (great lyrics?). We would be most interested in a candidate who is into or involved with both innovative literature and independent music. Those interested in becoming Audio Editor for Filling Station would be invited to our annual AGM in early 2009, when members vote on new editorial candidates.

The Poetry Collective and The Fiction Collective seek members

These are the collectives that read submitted material. Editors email or hand off the work, you are given time to read it on your own, then all members of the collective have a meeting in which they present work to one another that they feel is worthy of going in this cutting-edge magazine. If you a writer or an avid reader, we would be especially interested in hearing from you. Collective members do not need to be voted in.

Filling Station Meetings

Once every two months or so, there are also Filling Station meetings where all editors and collective members get together to receive new submissions, and go through books submitted for review (everyone is welcome to review books and keep the books they review). Even if you are not a collective member, you are welcome to come be part of Filling Station as a contributor to our non-fiction section which includes book reviews, live reviews, interviews, and articles.

Flywheel Reading Series

On the first Thursday of each month at Pages Books on Kensington, Filling Station hosts the Flywheel Reading Series at 7:00 p.m. Flywheel could use some helping hands to make it all come together and to spread the word. Flywheel members do not need to be voted in.

These are all unpaid, volunteer positions (as is every position at Filling Station).

If you are interested in joining, please contact Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr at meditor.fs@gmail.com

Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone who might be interested.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Party of Canada

Party of Canada

Our mandate is to get elected

by selling you to you

so we can profit off you.

We are a democracy party:

we offer lower taxes to more people

and call that a tax savings.

We keep our promise to lower taxes

by renaming old taxes and applying

them to new things that are cheaper.

Bread is next. We know

Canadians appreciate our mandate

and support lower taxes.