Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here comes saniterclaws

All right, I think I'm finally beginning to get the hang of this. I haven't had something like this blog in four or five years. Strange the way I lived online throughout the nineties only to become a virtual bumbler when I started having regular sex with the same woman. We become our surroundings and mine is quite low tech these days.

The holidays are here, inasmuch as holidays actually occur. Between my work on
NōD, the new literary magazine I'm working on, and the novel I'm writing as my honours project for school, I've scarcely had time to blink. At least I'm finally getting a full nights sleep. Hopefully my batteries will be fully charged when school starts up again. We'll see. In the meantime, yay Christmas, my brutha is coming through town, I sent my little sister a book she will likely consider very lame (because I'm old and obviously not cool) and my pants are already getting tighter around the waist. *sigh* January will suck.


Manitoba Erratic said...

Hi Colin,

To add links to the blog you have to write them into the HTML code that you can access through the "Template". I got Jill to show me how to recognize the part of the code that displays the links and how to add my own; I would be too hard for me to describe it in this comment. It's worth it to figure out though...

Colin Martin said...

righteous brutha, that's the angle I was looking for: thought there might have been something obvious in the template that I was missing, a wysiwyg button in an odd place or something.