Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amber Bowerman

One of the lead stories on the CBC this morning is about the scholarships created in memory of Amber Bowerman. I only met her once, as a moderator for a session she gave at an AMPA conference a couple of years back, but she struck me that morning as being a wonderful, compassionate person who had made all the choices necessary to pursue a life of publishing and writing that truly fulfilled her. Not all of us have the strength of character to do what she did. It is wonderful to see that her life is not a total waste, that a legacy of helping other developing writers do what she did continues for students across Alberta.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it. Amber was the real deal, committed, almost from birth, to telling other peoples' stories and telling THE TRUTH. Amber always put her subject and sources before herself in her work, and in that way was a selfless journalist dedicated to telling dignified stories about dignified people and causes. She really was a force of good. Keep her name alive. Amber Bowerman, journalist, humanitarian, ambassador of good. -Albert

Colin Martin said...

She was also a real sweetheart. There are many accomplished people who don't make the effort to be nice...few of them garnish much respect, I think.