Thursday, May 25, 2006

the grog blog

There has been a lot of drinking just recently. My brother Graham is in town, my otha brother Perry flew in to celebrate his 30th, Andre and Sache celebrated their engagement on Sunday, Ash went and rocked stoopid to the International Noise Conspiracy on Monday, Jeremy defended his MA on Tuesday, Taylor Hicks won AI last night (and yes, I called that from episode #1!) and I'm beginning to feel very fat, very bloated...well at least no gonging will happen during Lilac Fest on Sunday.

Ash and her brother Austin hang in Banff...he came into town for Mother's day to have beer and eggs with us at the Rose 'n Crown after the Mother's Day Road Race.

Andre and Sache, left then right, performing as the consummate hosts at their flying horse engagement party. The two of you are beautiful, we need more of you.

The smiling fellow at the back is my cousin Jeremy, who successfully defended his MA on Derrida and Quantam Mechanics (heavy emphasis on game and chaos theory, as I recall) two days later. Chris Ewart on the left (read _Miss Lamp_, you will be happy in Safeway) and Dave Sheppard with his fiance Tomoko sitting in never knows who will appear when Andre is in the house. BTW, my apologies to anyone whose name I misspell.

Vote for the nose!
Whose nose is bigger? Perry (on the left) or Graham? When choosing a winnter, note the subtle chin-sucking strategy employed by each contestant and be aware that nose size is relative to head size; Perry's massive noggin must be considered and appropriately handicapped.
Here's a helpful close-up; note the length of nostril and the bulbous protrusion at the end.
During the competition, Perry (above) was suffering from a head cold and severe conjestion. Graham was not and has no excuse for the bats living in his cave. But he does get style points for the contemplative expression.

My baby being provocative. mmmm. Lemon.

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies. Actually that's untrue. I'll lie to you whether or not you ask me questions. In fact, your input into the conversation has no bearing on whether or not I lie to you. That's completely arbitrary and at my discression. Sorry about that. Or not.

We were joined at the Ranch later that evening by the Other Brother. Devon and Graham have been best friends since first grade and I gotta say I'm glad I got my licks in when I did...tossing the little shit into walls will be a damn sight tougher now that he's got me beat by fifty pounds of Grade A Alberta beef.

Like most of what matters to me, this here is all about family. People try to tell me that "you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family". I think they heard that somewhere authoritative like reader's digest and think that means it's relevant. Who the fuck do you think your friends are? They are your family. The people in these pictures are bonded to me for life, even if I were never to see them again. You can pick your family and you can refuse them. You can love them despite themselves and despite yourself. Their flaws become what matters most about them and when they are gone, recalling those flaws rends your soul. My brothers amaze me, my lover enraptures me and I invite anyone whose life intersects mine to come meet the family.

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